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 Current Issue: Vol. XX, Num. 2, December 2012

LaTex in the Journal

Tex based languages (Latex, Ams-Latex, Lyx, etc.) constitute today's international standard of mathematical typesetting. Interested readers might find useful to consult the following links related to Latex and some distributions for Microsoft Windows:

Accepted manuscript must be prepared by the authors in the Journal's LaTex style. No compliance with this requirement may cause delays in the article's publication, and additional costs that should be assumed by the authors.

Following you will find instructions to typeset articles in the Journal style. It is assumed that you have a working Latex distribution, an editor suited to latex compilation and a pdf reader.

1. Create a new folder to unzip the contents of Muestra_Latex.zip (In spanish). If everything works ok, you should find the following files after the unzip procedure: (Names can be different from these)

 erm.sty (which contains the format style of the Journal)
 ERMexample.tex (template file to compile in pdflatex)
 ERMexamp.pdf (the results of your compilation should look very close to this file )
 fig1.pdf, fig2.pdf (included figures to be displayed in the pdf format)

2. Compile twice using pdflatex the main file ERMexample.tex to obtain ERMexample.pdf. If you want to check out your results, compare the file  ERMexample.pdf created in your compilation with  the expected results  given in the file ERMexamp.pdf. 

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