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 Current Issue: Vol. XX, Num. 2, December 2012

Instructions for authors

The title must be brief, descriptive and in accordance with the topics addressed in the article. Authors should avoid using mathematical formulas in the title.

1. The manuscripts must contain an abstract, keywords and the Mathematical Subject Classification MSC2000.

2. The abstract must not exceed 300 words and must keep the formulas and mathematical notations reduced to a minimum.   

3. In the main body unusual abbreviations and mathematical symbols must be defined when first appearing.

4. Graphics and tables must be reduced to a minimum; if they appear, they must be cited in the main body of the text, they must be enumerated according to their order of appearance and they must contain explanatory captions.

5. If there are any acknowledgments or dedications they should appear at the end of the article.

6. Each bibliographic entry must contain author, title, date of publication, editorial name and place of publication, according to the following models. Note that there are no bold or italic characters; capital letters should be used only when they are strictly necessary:


Socarronte, C. and Camarú, T.: On the impossibily of lucky numbers, Journal of Numerology, 7(2001), pp. 1-13.


Fanucci, L.: The subttle art of saying nothing (2nd Edit.), Kroog Verlag, Constantinopla, 1999.

Electronic submission in PDF format is not only welcome but also encouraged.

Managing Editor
Matemáticas: Enseñanza Univesitaria
E-mail: reviserm@univalle.edu.co  

When e-submission is not possible, three copies of the manuscript are to be mailed to the Journal's address.  

Managing Editor
Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria  
Departamento de Matemáticas
Universidad del Valle
Calle 13 No.100-00

Manuscript submissions should include authors' full names and current mailing addresses. It should include an appraisal explaining the merits of the manuscript, and the Journal section to which it is directed.

Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria policy is to confirm without delay every arriving correspondence. Please let us know via e-mail if after a reasonable time you don´t get a confirmation of receipt: Tel-fax to (+57) (2) 330 25 66

Important Note: Authors should keep copy of their manuscripts.  

Accepted manuscript must be prepared by the authors in the Journal's LaTex style which is down-loadable at (LaTex in the Journal).

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