Universidad del Valle Universidad del Valle - Colombia Revista Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria - ERM   Corporación Escuela Regional de Matemáticas - ERM
 Current Issue: Vol. XX, Num. 2, December 2012


  1. The manuscripts are initially checked by the Managing Editor in order to verify compliance with formal requirements, as the existence of an abstract, keywords, MSC2000 classification numbers, as well as an acceptable language usage. If some failings are discovered at this stage the authors will be notified; mailing cost for returning materials should be assumed by the authors however.
  2. Manuscripts passing the initial inspection are peer reviewed. The reviewing process is confidential, and its outcome will only be used for the purpose of the manuscript acceptance or rejection. If necessary, the Managing Editor may ask for a second opinion.  
  3. Acceptance of the manuscript requires at least one favorable review.
  4. The Journal will hand out to the correspondent author copies of the reviews.
  5. The Managing Editor holds back the right to verify whether any requested changes of the manuscript were adequately addressed by the authors.       
  6. The Journal will do its best to decide about the manuscript's publication within the three months following its arrival.
  7. The Journal does not recognize a first or main author; author's names will appear in strict alphabetical order.

As an editorial policy rejected manuscripts will not be reconsidered.

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