Universidad del Valle Universidad del Valle - Colombia Revista Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria - ERM   Corporación Escuela Regional de Matemáticas - ERM
 Current Issue: Vol. XX, Num. 2, December 2012

Effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on MHD flow past a vertical plate

G. C. Hazarika, Department of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, India. EMAIL: gchazarika@gmail.com
Utpal Sarma Gopal Ch., Joya Gogoi College, Khumtai, India. EMAIL: utpalsarmagjc@rediffmail.com


Heat and mass transfer flow along a vertical plate under the combined buoyancy force of thermal and species diffusion in the presence of a transverse magnetic field is investigated. The boundary layer equations are transformed in to ordinary differential equations with similarity transformations. The effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on velocity profile, temperature profile and concentration profiles are investigated by solving the governing transformed ordinary differential equations with the help of Runge-Kutta shooting method and plotted graphically.

MSC(2000): 47.10AD

Keywords: Variable viscosity, thermal conductivity, magnetic field.


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