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 Current Issue: Vol. XX, Num. 2, December 2012

Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria

Journal of the ERM, Escuela Regional de Matemáticas Corporation
ISSN 0120-6788 (Printed edition)
ISSN 1900-043x (Online edition)

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Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria is the official Journal of the ERM,  Escuela Regional de Matemáticas corporation. ERM is a nonprofit organization comprising the universities of  Medellín, Antioquia, EAFIT, Tecnológica de Pereira, Surcolombiana, QuindíoNariño, ValleAmazonía and Cauca .

Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria
is a semiannual non specialized peer reviewed journal that publishes research mathematical articles as well as research articles on the history and on the teaching of mathematics. The journal also publishes news related to mathematical events in Latin American countries and short papers on known mathematical results, that contain original views or perspectives; submission of riddles, problems and solutions are also encouraged.

The journal is interested in exchange with similar publications. The Journal seeks to reach a wide group of students, faculty, and people in general, who are interested in mathematics and its teaching. The Journal official language is Spanish, though well written articles in English or Portuguese will also be considered.

Universidad EAFIT Universidad de Antioquia Universidad de Nariño Universidad de Medellín Universidad de la Amazonía Universidad del Cauca Universidad del Quindío Universidad Surcolombiana Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira Universidad del Valle

Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria. Department of Mathematics, Universidad del Valle, Calle 13 No. 100-00, Cali - Colombia
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